Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Drunkards of the World, Unite!

Thanks to Frank Kelly Rich of Modern Drunkard Magazine for pointing out that, once again, the folks at Jack Daniel's have lowered the proof of their whiskey from 86 proof to 80 (40 percent alcohol). Keep in mind, the original drink was served at 90 proof. JD's company, the Brown-Forman corporation, sent Rich this email response:

The main reason we lowered the proof is because we’ve noticed in recent years folks tend to prefer lower-proof products, and this includes most of our friends who enjoy our Tennessee Whiskey. This has not hurt sales of Jack Daniel’s.

Fellow "drunkard" Chris Sharp, who brought this proof-lowering scheme to Modern Drunkard's attention, has now launched a petition asking Brown-Forman to return Jack Daniels to its rightful strength. More power to him.

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David Skinner said...

Vic, There are meetings for people like you. --DS