Thursday, September 09, 2004

Galley Friend C.S. sends in this John Hollinger piece on the demise of the Lakers: "After that first title, the Lakers put less effort into the regular season every year. It was almost as if they were taunting the poor Timberwolves and Kings of the world--Go ahead, get a better record than us if it makes you feel better. We can be the No. 8 seed and still beat you when it matters."

Hollinger thinks the NBA is worse without the Laker dynasty. I say, good riddance.

UPDATE: ESPN reports that Shaq has taken a shot at Kobe on his new album. Shaq raps: "Even with wings you never as fly as me . . . you remind me of Kobe Bryant trying to be as high as me . . . but you can't . . . even if you get me traded . . . wherever I'm at, I'm Puffy; you Mase and you're still hated."

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