Monday, October 18, 2004

Are Imperialist Troops in Your County?

Having just received the District of Columbia Voter Guide, I thought it important to share with you a viable alternative for voting-in the traditional parties: That's right, my perennial favorite: The Socialist Workers Party. To save you time at the voting booth, here is the party's candidate statement, for your reading pleasure and for your careful consideration:

It's not who you're against, but what you're for!

Workers' right to organize unions. Formation of an independent labor party based on the unions. The right of power-poor semi-colonial countries to acquire and develop the energy necessary for electrification. US hands off Cuba. Immediate withdrawal of US and other imperialist troops from Iraq, and other counties [sic] throughout the world. A massive public works program to meet social needs and put millions to work. Extend affirmative action. A woman's right to choose abortion. Federally funded lifetime healthcare. The root of the problems working people face is the capitalist system.

And if you disagree with the above, it's off to the Gulag you go!

1 comment:

Smacky said...

Wow is that for real?

It's at once hilarious and ironic that we could spend decades and trillions to get those people out of other countries just so they can try and ruin ours.