Monday, October 18, 2004

Who Dead?

Osama bin Laden, in all likelihood, is dead, comments Roger L. Simon. "Virtually the only person who believes Osama bin Laden is still alive today is John Kerry." And this is a most cynical belief on Kerry’s part, held without sincerity and only because it allows him to say Bush’s mistakes have enabled the man behind 9/11 to escape.
Interestingly, all of Simon’s correspondents seem to agree that the leader of al Qaeda is "probably pushing up daisies."
Having given no prior thought to the likelihood that bin Laden is now deceased, I’m surprised by how uncontroversial this notion seems to Simon and his peeps. Simon


Duane said...

Former Navy SEAL Matthew Heidt posted the same thing on his blog last week, Froggy Ruminations: Usama bin Laden is Dead. He also discusses why he feels the Bush administration has been silent on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Goodness yes. Although few have agreed with me, I've thought this for a couple years. If you go back to way before 9/11, OBL was a man who loved to make video tapes, and appear in interviews, etc. A very healthy ego heavy into self-promotion. Where is that behavior now? No evidence of him alive since 12/01.