Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Atlanta, RIP

A certain DC baseblogger is also an Atlanta Braves fan, and was devastated by last night's collapse against the Houston Astros.

Which brings up an interesting theological question: As a sports fan, would you rather have (a) a team like the Florida Marlins, which craps out 8 seasons out of 10, but then wins multiple World Series championships, or (b) a team like the Braves, which almost never wins the Series, but is always right in the thick of the playoffs?

Being from Philadelphia and not having any experience with either scenario, it seems to me that I'd much rather have the Braves. Year in and year out, you get seven months of excitement and good feeling. Watching SportsCenter becomes a joy, not a chore. You get to hold your head up high until the October collapse, which is painful, but short, and immediately followed by the salve of the rest of the playoffs.

I'm interested in what other people think about this, because the answers, I suspect, are psychologically revealing. I says a lot, for instance, about how a person defines the concept of "winning."

President Bush, I suspect, would prefer the Marlins. And I bet John Kerry would prefer the Braves.


Michael Dubruiel said...

Since I am a Marlins fan (having lived in South Florida at the time of the teams creation) but grew up a Red Sox fan (having been raised in New England), I gladly pick the Marlins who when they win don't let you down. I think the real question is are you an all or nothing type?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Cincinnati and grew up during the 70's, when the Reds were mostly winning. Going on vacation was great, I could talk smack to nearly everyone. Obviously I prefer B and think you overlook the fact that until mid to late October the Braves provide Atlanteans with hope, unlike the Floridians whom the Marlins leave hopeless. 2000 was iffy for a month after the election and in 96 I knew Dole was screwed by July. Even had W lost in 00, we would've had hope until December. Phil

Anonymous said...

We'd all like to be Yankees fans, I suppose, but if reduced to the choice of Braves or recurring fluke model, I'd take the Braves.

Oddly, I was going to preface that with a mention that I'm a `70s vintage Reds fan, too.

Anonymous said...

YO, I'm from Phily as well and a DIEHARD Philly sports fan. Let me tell you, I'll take the one championship. I jsut want that memory to hold onto like I do withthe 80 Phils and 83 Sixers. I want the opportunity to throw money away paying for the 2004 TimeLife stuff on the Eagles, Please God!