Thursday, October 07, 2004

Soxblog: High on Life?

The otherwise brilliant and sensible Soxblog is calling the 2004 Red Sox a "buzz-saw" and comparing them to the '86 Bears. (Psst, hey, Fate . . . over here. Piss off!)

As a newly-minted citizen of Red Sox Nation, I hope he's right. After the three long months I've spent in love with the Sox, I figure they owe me a championship. Has Soxblog taken leave of his senses? Maybe. But this quote suggests he hasn't taken full leave of his senses:

"They are of course still the Red Sox and anything can happen. They play before a fandom that fully expects tragedy to happen imminently and that can't be easy for the players. And for those of you who reside outside New England, it is probably impossible to imagine how the local media pride themselves on being a destructive force. The daily, almost hourly, barrage of negativity and hostility--unless you live in Philadelphia you've never seen anything like it." [Emphasis added]

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