Tuesday, October 26, 2004

They Say Pitcairn is Lovely This Time of Year

On remote Pitcairn Island, located somewhere between New Zealand and Peru, six men, including the mayor, have been found guilty of rape and underage sex. Okay, so why is this newsworthy?

(1) For those who may not know, Pitcairn Island was the last stop for the HMS Bounty, after half its crew, led by Master's Mate Fletcher Christian, mutinied against Captain William Bligh in 1789. Most of the island's current inhabitants are descendants of those mutineers. (In fact, the mayor himself is named Steve Christian.)

(2) The six men headed to prison comprise roughly half the island's male populace. (The island's total population is 47.) Barring conjugal visits, the remaining free men will be extremely busy fathering. Or more male tourists will be coming. Or you'll see a spurt in certain kinds of banks.

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be "a spurt into certain kinds of banks"?