Thursday, October 21, 2004

Next week: Bush as anti-Christ

Even The Nation will be hard-pressed to beat the cover art for this week's Village Voice, featuring President George W. Bush as a vampire sucking the blood out of a limp Statue of Liberty. The headline reads: "Sucking Democracy Dry."

As one colleague pondered, Can you imagine what that meeting must have been like, when the editors decided this to be a perfectly acceptable cover illustration?


Anonymous said...

I think Victorino gives them far too much credit for being rational.

Anybody who's spent any amount of time reading the hard-core left-wing press in the last few years knows the Bush-as-vampire image is comparatively restrained. Heck, I'm surprised the Voice didn't portray Bush raping the Statue of Liberty.

By the way, the Nation has already topped this. They had an issue back in July with an ad on the backpage for that showed Bush eating human flesh. The image was an obvious takeoff on Goya's Saturn Devouring One of His Sons.

Anonymous said...

Would you explain why you think there was pro and con discussion of an image of Bush as Dracula? (Lived in northern Jersey for 50+ years and was a regular reader of the Voice.)