Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Oh, how I wish Bush would take it to Kerry on the absurdity of selling drugs to Canada and buying them back to escape our own regulatory system. Also there is a structural problem in a domestic policy debate between a compassionate conservative and a Massachusetts liberal: The former will never outgive the other.

Another note on the quality of debate: Disagreement and contradiction is happening without much rancor. Both candidates have had occasion to sharply reject the other's characterizations of their positions and experience without getting all snide or angry about it.

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mulp said...

I wish Kerry would make the simple point about the absurdity of shipping a drug from the USA to Canada and then having it shipped back into the USA for a cost that is half that of just buying it in the USA.

Then there is question of safety for drugs sold in the USA. Let's see, sell a drug that doubles the chance of dying that costs a 1000 times more than aspirin which cuts the risk of dying in half, with no difference in effectiveness.

Sounds like a good reason to restrict the ability of patients and families from suing when suffering harm, while strengthening the ability of big corporations to sue 14 year old girls.

Without government support, corporate profits are going to suffer. Imagine a world where drug companies had to get by on the same profit margins as publishers. Oh, wait, writers are not creative knowledge workers like drug company detail reps taking doctors on trips to Hawaii.