Friday, October 29, 2004

Drinking the Haterade

Galley Friend M.L. sent along a link to this item from Andrew Sullivan, which was posted last Saturday:

"The unutterably cool Bob Mould has put together a live blogjam in DC tomorrow night. A bunch of us will be reading from our blogs live, followed by Bob's now famous Blow-Off night. There's me, Wonkette, Geekslut, Vividblurry, Dog Poet, and many more. It's at DC9 at 1940 9th Street NW, starting at 7 pm. Come have fun. Meet sexy bloggers. Dance. Forget about this damn election for a couple hours. See you there."

What to say? In the Blogger Bible's Book of Genesis, it is written that the blogosphere arose in answer to the vanity, pomposity, and self-regard of old-media journalists. What do you think the blogosphere would say if Tom Friedman, Dana Milbank, and Adam Nagourney announced that they were getting together at the Kennedy Center and have a jam session, where they would read--live!--from their newspaper reports? (Followed by dancing and a chance to meet "sexy" reporters, of course.)

On Sullivan's behalf, at least you can say that he's an interesting and engaging writer. Still, one doesn't need to hear him read "Begala Award Nominees" in person in order to grok the essence of his craft. But check out some of his fellow blogjammers. Take GeekSlut, for instance. Here's a sample from GeekSlut's last posting:

The need for seed. Once a natural part of queer culture has become a sleazy kink. We glorify it. We enjoy it. I guess its payback, you know. After spending years, our cocks wrapped in plastic marching to the "Safe Sex" rhythm. That didn't work. It was doomed from the start. We're human beings. Men. We're not above nature, we ARE nature.

Seed is a gift, it's love, it's acceptance. Taking a man's cum [in your ass, down your throat, rubbed into your skin - whatever], even if you don't know his name, is
closeness. It's an act of love and trust. Even if yawl just met! Both the bottom and the top walk away smiling . . . and content. Now it's a sleazy affair that boys get cracked out of their minds for. Like it's an embarrassing nasty secret thing to want. This is so fucked.

The Old Media is dead! Long live the blogosphere!

There's more, of course. There's always more in blogland, because "more" is the internet's central comparative advantage. Galley Friend M.C. sends along this link to blogger Matthew Yglesias.

You may recall Yglesias from the last time we visited him during the Republican national convention. Classy kid. And now he's blogging about sitting in a Starbucks while German television cameras film him:

Okay, now we're going and there's demand for me to write something so here it is. "Something!" I assume Germans all understand about the evils of Bushism, so there's no particular need to emphasize the point in this context. And then, you post the thing.

Boy, am I glad we have bloggers around to teach those old-fogey journalists a lesson.

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Anonymous said...

On the bright side, it doesn't seem that the insufferable blogger Jonah Goldberg and his ridiculous canine will be attending. It does seem like this Yglesias kid is channeling his extreme self-importance.

"Galley Slaves" is a little like Law & Order. You get the story, a bit of personality, but mostly substance. You never see the inside of Briscoe and Greene's apartments. You never have to watch them groom their pets. They don't talk about their children's incomprehensible burblings are a sure sign they too will grow up to be Important Because One Of My Parents Is. You don't even know if they have children.