Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Joel Engel, Superstar

Joel Engel has a dynamite piece about the Jewish vote and why they'll vote overwhelmingly for Kerry, no matter what.

I'm sort of fascinated with minority voting patterns and how, even more than other demographic groups, their party affiliation seems really etched in granite and is tied barely at all to actual policy.

For instance, I imagine that a black Republican candidate for president would be hard pressed to garner even 40 percent of the African-American vote--even if that candidate supported affirmative action. Jewish Americans are clearly in the pocket of the Democrats, no matter that the Democratic party is now home to most of America's ugly anti-Semites. Someone must have written a smart, scholarly treatment of this. Does anyone have some recommended reading?


Westmont said...

I would be willing to bet the always outstanding author Thomas Sowell has something on this. Or would be willing to offer an educated opinion to post on such a fine blog as Galley Slaves. My fellow Oklahoman and former Oklahoma Sooner!! quarterback and African-American Republican US Representative J.C. Watts (how about that C.V.?)surely has an opinion. Does anyone remember when he called The Right Reverend Jesse Jackson a "race-hustling poverty pimp"? Although I would think Left Reverend would be more appropriate.

Westmont said...

It would be interesting to see an analysis of how J.C. Watts won a House seat in the yellow dog Democrat area of Oklahoma that is commonly referred to as "Little Dixie". It was quite an accomplishment for a young black man running as a Republican in that house district. The fact that J.C. was a standout quarterback at the University of Oklahoma certainly helped. It goes to show that here in the Sooner State, a common interest like football can cross all boundaries, including race and party politics. The fact that JC is an extremely likeable and articulate man was obviously a major factor as well.