Friday, October 22, 2004

In Search of Subtlety

In response to a reader from North Jersey, herewith my explanation of the debate among Village Voice editors over George W. Bush as vampire:

Says one, "Hey, I got a great idea. How about George W. Bush raping the Statue of Liberty?"

Says the other, "No, no, that would be too obvious. Let's try something more subtle. Like Bush as Dracula sucking Liberty's blood."

(Thanks to another reader for the earlier suggestion.)

Meanwhile, props to David Kaspar of Medienkritik for pointing out this week's cover story in the German magazine Stern concerning the laying off of thousands of Opel (General Motors) factory workers in Bochum. The cover art? A big American cowboy boot ready to step on tiny German employees.

Thank goodness for subtlety.

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