Monday, October 11, 2004

New Jersey and Bush: Perfect Together?

While some polls show John Kerry pulling away from George W. Bush in New Jersey, others, like the Quinnipiac poll, show the president only three points behind. And not even the state's Democratic co-chair is predicting Kerry to win by as large a margin as Al Gore or Bill Clinton did (16 points and 18 points respectively). So why is Bush so close in the Garden State? Some say it is 9/11 and after. Others point to an accumulation of political scandals. It's probably a combination of both. My recent article in The Weekly Standard breaks it down.


Lawjedi said...

People don't like being gamed. Unfortunately, the Dems see nothing wrong with turning New Jersey into their own personal hooker/servant girl aboard pirate ship.

And they should be frightened that national security is a salient issue in NJ.

Same with California. It took Gray Davis keeping the lights out for them to oust him. Bush won't win it, but it might be nice for Arnold to make it the kind of thing that Kerry has to pay to keep.

Peter Byrnes, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget...class warfare has begun, in ernest, in NJ with the passage of the "millionaire" tax. How many people in NJ really believe that income limits will remain at $500,000.00 to activate these increased tax rates that have been promised to families earning less than $200,000.00 a year for property tax relief