Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Knowing is Half the Battle

In a recent interview with Dark Horizons, Team America creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn't pull any punches, especially when it comes to their thoughts on Hollywood's "Vote or Die/Choose or Lose" agenda:

Matt Stone: … we thought to encourage uninformed voters to go vote isn't going to help the country that much. If you don't really know what you want to do and not really sure then just don't vote. And this whole idea of you have to vote no matter what, just get out …

Trey Parker: We always said the [election] campaign was about getting informed. I think that just vote or die I just think is ridiculous. That is just our personal opinion … if you don't know anything and if you are just going to vote for George Bush because he is already in office or if you are going to vote for John Kerry because he is on the cover of Rolling Stone, don't vote. And there is no shame in that. The only shame is not really knowing anything, being uninformed and going voting. Because then you are just not helping us all out. It is not funny to rant on and that is what we did. And [Sean Penn] took that and ran with it and this ridiculous, retarded logic of somehow by saying those things we meant that we wanted people to be disemboweled and mutilated overseas. If you read the logic of [Penn's response to the Rolling Stone interview], it makes no sense, it is insane.

The Penn letter appeared two weeks ago on Drudge Report.

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