Friday, March 18, 2005

Billy Cerveny and Molly Hatchet

My man Billy Cerveny has a great little diary on the pretentiousness of musical influences and on his own, sordid sources of inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Good old Molly Hatchet. I fondly remember how I would crank up the Jensen Triaxials and spin the Goodyear GT tires with Crager mag rims in my Buick GS everytime I heard Flirtin'with Disaster and other 70's southern rock staples. I loved Billy's comment about musicians like Avril Lavigne citing the Sex Pistols and other cool influences to impress the critics and fans. I took the same guilty pleasure as Billy in listening to REO Speedwagon et al. Who didn't turn up the volume while cruising the school parking lot for Golden Country and Ridin the Storm Out and Ted Nugent's Stranglehold?!

This was the first I'd heard about Danny Joe Brown's passing. Guess I need to go to and download some Molly Hatchet tunes and hoist a Jack and Coke or a Bud in his honor. I could also stop by the Flying J truck stop and pick up the cassette or 8 track. I actually own a working 8 track tape player. My Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck tapes still work but it ate my Foghat Fool for the City tape last summer....