Friday, March 18, 2005


How did everyone do yesterday? I went 14-2 (I also called the play-in game correctly), missing the LSU implosion and underestimating Nevada.

Mind you, I'm not bragging. Today could be a bloodbath for me. Looking at my bracket this morning I'm wondering why in the world I have NC State and Old Dominion. Also, I have Villanova going to the round of 16, despite the fact that they could get beat by a very strong New Mexico team. Oh, and Georgia Tech in the Final Four--what was I thinking?


Jay D. Homnick said...

Well, some prankster has tried to pit Jonathan against me by this infelicitous scheduling of Villanova against Florida in the second round.

So I rethought it and determined that as a Miami resident, I don't really have to back the boys from up in Gainesville, so I bequeath that game to JVL: enjoy.

As for me, since my Dad's Dad, RIP, graduated from Syracuse back in 1916 (and used to 'help' the football players with writing term papers), I think I'll ride those fellers to the Final Four.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the games this afternoon, and let me just use this space to hereby nominate Connecticut as the Ugliest Baketball Team in America. Wow...between Villenueva and that Josh Miller I'm not sure who's uglier.

I would also like to commend all the African-American males that have resisted the temptation to corn-row their hair into those dangly things at the back. It can only be described as a black man mullet, a Blullet, if you will.