Monday, March 21, 2005

Fred Barnes has a succinct argument as to why Congress was right to get involved on Terri Schiavo's behalf.

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Fred Barnes the medical expert. Who cares what her condition is. The question is what are her wishes. If she had a living will, her condition wouldn't matter. Barnes' points out "A doctor diagnosed her as being in a 'permanent vegetative state' but other doctors have disputed that view. Indeed there are legitimate questions about her initial diagnosis." Really? The Florida courts have been reviewing this case for seven years, taking testimony from medical experts who have physically examined her and used the latest technology to scan her brain, and we should rely on Barnes' vague statement that "there are legitimate questions about her initial diagnosis"? Are there? Then site them? Prove your case? If you aren't prepared to do that, then butt out!

And who cares what Ms. Schiavo's parents want? I'm more concerned about what Ms. Schiavo wants. Why should what her parents want trump what Ms. Schiavo's own wishes are?

And finally, what does "markedly improve" mean? I'm going to trust the courts who have spent years reviewing Ms. Schiavo's medical condition and her wishes on this matter over Frist and his brief conversation with some neorologist.

I know my wife's wishes if something like Ms. Schiavo's case should ever happen to her. If Congress were to intervene, I would ask them why don't they observe the sanctity of my marriage?