Tuesday, May 03, 2005

W is for what?

Six months since Bush won reelection, I've been, in my superior way, taking note of all the Kerry supporters who have failed to remove campaign stickers from their bumpers. What else can I do while stitting in traffic? And on the way to work this morning, I caught a "W is for Winner" postelection campaign bumper sticker.

It could have been a preelection campaign sticker, maybe. In any case, it gave me the he-bees almost as bad as those other stickers in which women announce how proud they are to reserve the unlimited rigfht to kill fetuses. Okay, it was not really as bad as those, but, still, I drove the rest of way over the Momeorial Bridge with a grimace on my face.


Ed Driscoll said...

Power Line noticed the same thing not too long ago. Being largely Minneapolis-based, they even spotted one or two Wellstone stickers!

Not surprisingly, there are loads of Kerry stickers still on Bay Area bumpers as well.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I live in Toronto, and there are two cars still attached to John Kerry stickers on my street alone.

Anonymous said...

I spied two of the circular "W 04" stickers on two consecutive cars on the highway this afternoon. This is PA's red "T," after all (though I do still spot the occasional Kedwards sticker; too bad there's no obvious version of Sore-Loserman to call them), and I'd not have given it another thought -- except that the second also had a rather massive "Boycott France" sticker. Wow, how long ago was THAT!? I was going to flash him the old three-fingered W, but my exit was nigh, and I sped off.

James Wigderson said...

Out here we have both kinds of stickers still prevalent. You have to understand, coming from a battleground state more closely divided than Ohio, I'm still keeping my W04 sticker until the next Republican President gets elected. I'm right and all those Kerry supporters were wrong.

Besides, given the ongoing controversy over the voting in Milwaukee, Bush may have carried Wisconsin, one more reason to keep my sticker on.

That Dude said...

Right b4 the election somebody stole my Kuck Ferry Sticker.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one waiting for a freakin' Miami Vice post here???

I guess so.

Carry on.