Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Funny

Just so you know I'm not completely in the tank for the Best Magazine on the Planet, their profile of Sarah Silverman, "Quiet Depravity," is something of a dud.

Silverman makes great copy, and anyone profiling her should get out of the way and let her make the funny. The New Yorker's Dana Goodyear lets us have little tastes of Silverman:
“I wear this St. Christopher medal sometimes because—I’m Jewish, but my boyfriend is Catholic—it was cute the way he gave it to me. He said if it doesn’t burn through my skin it will protect me.”

And even better:
I got in trouble for saying the word “Chink” on a talk show, a network talk show. It was in the context of a joke. Obviously. That’d be weird. That’d be a really bad career choice if it wasn’t. But, nevertheless, the president of an Asian-American watchdog group out here in Los Angeles, his name is Guy Aoki, and he was up in arms about it and he put my name in the papers calling me a racist, and it hurt. As a Jew—as a member of the Jewish community—I was really concerned that we were losing control of the media. Right? What kind of a world do we live in where a totally cute white girl can’t say “Chink” on network television? It’s like the fifties. It’s scary.
There are only two Asian people that I know that I have any problem with, at all. One is, uh, Guy Aoki. The other is my friend Steve, who actually went pee-pee in my Coke. He’s all, ‘Me Chinese, me play joke.’ Uh, if you have to explain it, Steve, it’s not funny.

But neither of these bits is vintage Silverman and Goodyear gets waylaid by extended riffs about feminism and outrageousness in comedy.

For the definitive Silverman piece, got back to the March 1999 issue of GQ and read Michael MacCambridge's "Sarah Silverman has the Cleanest Breasts in America." (I can't find it online.) It's a great read and features lots of classic Silverman, including this very blue, and hence invisotexted, bit:
A couple nights ago, I was licking jelly off my boyfriend's penis [pause]

And I thought, Oh, my God--[beat]--I'm turning into my mother!

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Is this it? The site seems ambiguous as to whether this is the actual piece from GQ:

Obviously, the article contains inappropriate language.