Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just Asking . . .

For the bitter-enders who now insist that pulling the Miers nomination is terrible, a bad precedent, etc., etc., etc., weren't they just telling us all to "trust" the president's judgment in nominating Miers, no matter the contrary evidence?

If Bush thinks it's a good idea to withdraw Miers's nomination, why, to those who have defended his judgment and wisdom ad nauseam, would that be any less good an idea than nominating her in the first place?

This president knows what he's doing! Hasn't he earned your trust?


Anonymous said...

Personal Foul! 15 yards for piling on!

Anonymous said...

I supported the President's choice of Miers. I feel that some of the criticism of her was silly (her law school and how many cases she litigated); however, I thought some of the criticism directed toward her was fair, reasonable and legitimate (her lack of serious writing, etc...).

Oh, it is not bad precendent for someone to withdraw a nomination. Heavens, look at the history of Supreme Court nominations and you'll see that some were train wrecks. Heck look at some of Reagan's nominations: Kennedy was Reagan's third choice behind the failed Bork then withdrawn Ginsburg. Andrew Jackson nominated Chief Justice Taney to be Associate Justice and he was rejected by the Senate. Later Jackson nominated him to be Chief Justice and he was confirmed. Imagine that happening today?

Anonymous said...

Er, uhhhh....what? You ask:

For the bitter-enders who now insist that pulling the Miers nomination is terrible....

I don't mean to also pile on, but who exactly is out there today saying this withdraw was terrible? Even people who gave Miers the benfit of the doubt are simply saying "Its a shame the way this happened". I have read probably 50 blogs today, I haven't heard a sole saying "NO, DON'T DO IT HARRIET!!!!"

Me-thinks these "bitter-enders" exist in your mind

Anonymous said...

Hey, "me thinks," go read Hugh Hewitt's massive NYT whine and the lament of the Olaskys--yeah, that's right, Marvin's hag of a wife is in on it, too.

And don't forget the Pimp-in-Chief's blog teers about how this is a "real tragedy" and a "mugging."

Me thinks you should stick it in your bitter end.