Monday, October 17, 2005

Of course I can't let this day go by without commenting on the biggest news from over the weekend. No, besides the vote in Iraq. No, not the impending indictment of Karl Rove. Yes, I am talking about the atrocity of the Redksins loss, 28-21, to the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrow Head.

Don't get me wrong--it's no easy thing to pull off a win at KC, one of the most raucous venues in the league. But what bothers me is the lack of forced turnovers. And the inexplicable benching of physically fit, three-time Pro Bowler LaVar Arrington. It's the question on everyone's minds. As Chiefs QB Trent Green said, "I thought, 'Okay, this is the week where they put [LaVar] in there.' Look, LaVar is a beast. He creates a lot of problems for an offense. I don't know exactly what's going on, and I don't know the reasons. But when I heard some of the comments coming out of Washington later in the week, I said, 'You know what, this isn't going to be the week.'" The Post's Michael Wilbon asked Green if he was relieved LaVar was out: "Oh yeah. It's not that [a quarterback] can ever relax, but it's nice to know he's not going to be breathing down my backside."

Wilbon goes on to quote a future Hall of Fame QB as saying, "[Arrington] and Sean Taylor are the guys that scare you, and if they want to sit him for whatever reason, every quarterback on their schedule will take that."

So what is the coaching staff's problem? Still bitter after those salary talks? If so, they better get over it or my prediction of a 7-9 season will start looking optimistic. Or is it something else? As one of my colleagues speculated, "Perhaps he has yet to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior?"

Time to start praying.


Anonymous said...

So, Vic, let me get this straight. You are offended by the mafia slam on the license plate, but not it remains open season on the Christians? Funny, but I thought this was a conservative (i.e. intelligent) blog

MAL said...

You neglected to mention what a stud LaVar is. Mmm, LaVar.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, he's joking. It is funny.
- JS

Victorino Matus said...

Dear MJ,

Before I get you and my fellow Christians upset, let me clarify:

1. Nobody knows for sure why LaVar isn't playing. But if it had anything to do with prayer, if I were LaVar, I'd start praying. A lot.

2. Gibbs and Brunell pray a lot. When I listened to the coach give a talk last spring, he spent the entire time talking about whether or not we accepted Christ as our Savior. I have! Now let's talk about a winning season!

3. I was just kidding!

miklos rosza said...

CNN/SI football columnists say LaVar isn't playing because he won't play within the confines of the organized, disciplined defensive plan. In other words, he's never where he's supposed to be on the field.

And when asked to play on special teams, he refused.

But your point is certainly taken about the obnoxiousness of Christians who, almost like a form of Tourette's, put some religious proclamation into every single sentence. Mark Brunell did this years ago and it was quite obnoxious then.

It demeans Christianity.

Bizarro Jack said...

Whoa!! This is the first time I've seen one of you make a comment on his own post.

MJ -

Obviously I dont need to speak for VM, but it was clearly not a jab at Christians, but if anything, a jab at people who think God cares who wins the super bowl. Honestly, He probably does, a little, but my impression of His ineffable wisdom is that He'd enjoy the game more as a spectator without fixing the games. Knowing who's going to win probably doesn't completely spoil it, but for God to pick a team in an ostensibly fair sporting event would be very unsportsmanlike.

If I were a total lunatic, I would go back through the history books rating each NFL team since the beginning in terms of christian righteousness, and juxtapose that with the win/loss record. I do not predict a correlation. Extra footnotes would have to be made for teams that turned the other cheek out on the field, which gains no points in the official NFL rules.

Also, you should know that every time a rich (in global terms) american christian says "open season on christians," satan laughs and kills a kitten.