Friday, September 10, 2004

Dept. of Wishful Thinking

Totally off topic, but watching Tom Brady dismantle the Colts last night added further evidence for my pet theory: that we are living in a golden age of quarterbacks. There are a half-dozen sure-fire Hall of Fame quarterbacks working right now and all but one of them (Favre) are just entering their prime years. Brady seems like the obvious Joe Montana of the group--precise, rock-steady, brilliant under pressure. And Donovan McNabb resembles Montana's biggest rival--John Elway. He's big, mobile, has a rocket arm, and is a great leader.

Philadelphia fans should take comfort in this analogy, because if you remember, Elway didn't become ELWAY until late in his career when he won his two Super Bowls. It was only then that he moved past Montana on many people's all-time lists. So while Brady seems like the best QB in the NFL right now, I have a feeling that when all's said and done, McNabb will be regarded as the better player.

Or at least, that's what we Philadelphia fans will be telling ourselves this winter after the Eagles lose their fourth consecutive NFC championship game.


Dean Barnett said...

McNabb better than Brady? What silliness!!!

This is probably the kind of irresponsible, nay insane, blogging that the Weekly Standard didn't care to be associated with.

Jane said...

Welcome to the blogosphere.

Hei Lun said...

Brady won a Super Bowl with David Patten as his second receiver, Fred Coleman as his third receiver, Antowain Smith as his running back, and Jermaine Wiggins as his tight end.

What's McNabb's excuse going to be when they lose in the playoffs again this year?

Anonymous said...

As a die hard Eagles fan (tattoos n everything lol) this MUST be the year. Please Dear God bring it home for Jerome.

Anonymous said...

DMAC was 26-36 330 4-0. Very Brady-esque. Jacksonville here we come.

Anonymous said...

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