Friday, September 10, 2004

Jim Romenesko: Idiot, or Hack?

I've never met him, but I'm sure Jim Romenesko is a wonderful guy, a great human being, and a swell dude all-around. But go over to his media news site right now.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Okay, did you see his coverage of the 60 Minutes story? You missed it? It's there. Go look again.

(Fine you cheater, it's in the skinny left-hand column, beneath the "fold.")

So this is how America's foremost journalism website covers the biggest story in journalism since Jayson Blair. (And it cuts both ways--if it's a forgery, CBS News should be devastated; if the documents are legit, we have a prime example of a peril of the blogosphere: Hello, triumphalism!)

So let's put it to the floor: Is Romenesko a journalistic idiot, or an ideological hack?

PS:What's the Poynter motto? "Everything you need to be a better journalist"!


Bizarro Jack said...

I think the reason this isn't getting coverage is because it isn't really interesting.

So there is a document that either a) Is a forgery made by a moron or b) yet another indicator that the 70's for GW Bush was a big waste of time. The third option, which is preposterous, is that Karl Rove forged a document because he knew that the democrats would take the heat, and thus make legitimate attacks on GW's history seem like they might be false.

There's just nothing there. People who like GW have forgiven him his youth, and people who don't like him have more than enough reasons not to like him, based on the past three years. Everyone knows GW did cocaine. Everyone knows Bill Clinton smoked weed and dodged the draft. Everyone knows Ronald Reagan was on a TV show with a chimp. Who cares? All of these men have distinguished themselves through their subsequent actions.

Kerry's goings-on at that time are more significant because he actually has a political history to draw from, a record that must be drawn into question if someone is to break him down. It's actually quite rare, that we have a candidate who has been in the public eye since such an early age.

For those reasons, that is why this is even LESS significant than the swift boat issue that wasted so much of so many people's breath.

Anonymous said...

The world is not composed only of Bush lovers and Bush haters. There is a American majority uses their vote as a reasoned expression of their judgement about what's good for our country.

The notion, that intentional misrepresentation (lying) is unimportant because no one is actually informed by public discourse, is both absurd and is probably the only hope CBS has left to maintain their credibility.

An audience of Bush haters alone would make CBS as watched as MSNBC.

Austin said...

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