Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Baez on the Buzz

My main man Eric Pfeiffer has been down reporting from Crawford and just did an interview with Joan Baez. Interesting excerpts:
There’s no way to ensure a peaceful transition. There’s already been so much chaos and unnecessary violence. Much of that has been created by us. But there was already this disgusting level of chaos and violence with Saddam Hussein.

We’ve just made ourselves so loathsome that whatever happens I think will be better. We have antagonized the world so much. I mean, I travel a lot. When I’m in places like Italy I memorize the Italian translation and I say, ‘I ask for your forgiveness for what my president is doing to the world. And they stand, they get up and give a standing ovation, because someone finally does get it. That’s how they see it. Granted, that is my public. But that public is pretty broad.

Sadly, Baez doesn't finger PNAC. Maybe she should lock it up!

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Anonymous said...

I just realized finally where that phrase "lock it up" is coming from--someone has been eagerly tuning in to the Arrested Development Friday night marathons, haven't they? Personally my favorite scene is whenever Will Arnett's character does his crazed chicken dance.