Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Liberal Courage

Repeat after me: The Daily Kos is Democratic, but Democrats are not the Daily Kos. The Bull Moose has a courageous post on Israel and Cindy Sheehan which, I suspect, represents the broad mainstream of Democratic sentiment. Not that you would ever know it from reading the left-wing blogs or watching the media coverage.

No, the only time you ever see proof that the majority of Democrats are more like the Moose than the Kos is when you look at election results.


Anonymous said...

You're high. I play poker and golf with all of these liberal- left types and they are Kos to the core. These aren't professional radicals; these are upscale corporate attorney/professional types that try to expiate their guilt over "selling out" by supporting lefty causes and candidates. Repeat after me: The New Republic may be Democratic, but it ain't the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

No he's not. Moderates just waste less time online. Those of us who do maintain moderate sites and do battle with your poker and golf buddies in their blogworld (kos, etc.).

-- The Duke, blogindigo.blogspot.com