Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I understand more than you'll . . . never-know.

My favorite blogger, Brendon Donnelly has a post which is totally pointless except that it furthers a personal feud between him and his former partner at The Superficial. Since I regard Brendon as a genius and The Superficial as a collective of hacks who coasted for too long on Donnelly's accomplishments, I present the following.

From Donnelly, on August 26:
"where ladies are tied to train tracks by guys in tophats with monocles and handlebar mustaches as they cackle manically"

From The Superficial, on August 29:
"your next step in life is to tie somebody to some train tracks and laugh maniacally as you twirl your mustache"

Update, 10:52 a.m.: An alert commenter notes that "Jenny" wrote that post, not Brendon. I don't know who "Jenny" is, and I refuse to answer.


Anonymous said...

"I thought he just liked jean shorts."

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was Jenny who wrote that post.

Anonymous said...

Here JVL stands as evidence that even educated, smart, responsible, and serious figures often have an area of their lives in which they are as thoroughly puerile in taste as any 15 year old boy with a Hustler magazine. Read the comments at the link given for a taste of the culture of JVL's co-enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Come on Tobias. Let's do it together.