Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hugh Hewitt: In Defense of the Old Media?!?

Seriously! Hugh has a long and devastating post comparing the work of Nick Lemann (of the New Yorker) and Tim Rutten (of the Los Angeles Times). Here's Hewitt on Lemann:
I have been asked by many why did I "chance" such a piece? Answer: Before I agreed I read everything Nicholas Lemann had produced for the magazine over the previous four years, and found all of them to be rigourously fair and of course spectacularly well written. Lemann really does practice "the craft" that so many in old media claim to follow in the way that 2,000,000 Angelenos claim to have been at Chavez Ravine when Gibson hit his home run.

We've got a convert!

To be polite, Mr. Rutten does not compare favorably.

Bonus: Be sure to read this post for a pre-war Lemann excerpt which accurately describes the Bush administration's multi-pronged rationale. It's a tonic to the "no WMDS" refrain.

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