Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Good Morning!

Who knew the September issue of In Style would feature the interview of the century. I am talking about the special "Top Secrets" section in which celebrities "fess up to all sorts of naughtiness." The historic interview I am referring to involves a Galley favorite, Ms. Jessica Alba:

Sexiest Moment: "When a man looks at you like he can't get enough of you. When you can tell he wants to take a bite out of you because you're so yummy. When he kisses you and you know what it feels like to be desired. When no one else matters."

(I need to catch my breath between typing.)

Boxers or Buff? "In the buff. There's no such thing as an ideal body; that's just silliness. It just has to be a body I want. I've never been into guys who work out three hours a day. It looks ridiculous, and they're usually lacking upstairs."

I limit my workout routine to 40 minutes.

First thing in the morning or last thing at night? "First thing in the morning, which for me is around 11. There's something nice about starting the day with a little loving from your man. And I especially love Asian men in their 30s who write for conservative magazines."

(Okay, I made up that last line.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Vic but
"(Okay, I made up that last line.)" just doesn't cut it in the corrections department for me. Update the post with what she really said "And I especially love divorced white men in their 40s who develop software". Your readers deserve nothing less ;)