Tuesday, August 23, 2005

GOP Straw Poll

Patrick Ruffini is running the most comprehensive and interesting online straw poll I've ever seen. It's well worth taking a look at and casting a vote if you're a GOP voter (or a troublemaking Dem looking to pump up Chuck Hagel).

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Anonymous said...

Shocked that Allen is doing that well. It clearly comes from unfamiliarity. Having conversed with him at length several times over the last 15 years, I regard George Allen as the single stupidest adult I have ever met. It's not that he's wrong or ill-informed or beholden to some wacky ideology or anything, he's just dumb. Clever, in a devious way, but less capable of simple thought than your average sixth-grader. The only other public figure I've ever met who was even close to Allen's dumbness was Skip Humphrey of Minnesota, another remarkably dim bulb.

And what kind of "fantasy candidates" are Rice, Jeb, Cheney, and Thompson? Rice is a poor public speaker who's never won an election before in her life. She would get creamed even by a second-rank Dem. People who fantasize about making a third Bush president in 16 years aren't Republicans, they're monarchists. Cheney is a Dem dream; they could run 24 hours of 30-second spots featuring Cheney saying something creepy or factually incorrect or both without once repeating an ad. As for Thompson, well, he's a sensible guy who has exactly the same claim to popularity as Josiah Bartlett. One hopes Republicans would demand more by way of qualifications from their nominee.

Tellingly, much of the support for the lunatic "fantasy" candidates comes from Allen supporters.