Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sheehan and the AP

John Hinderaker has a devastating post on AP reporter Angela Brown's latest story on Cindy Sheehan. This strikes me as the sort of reportorial misconduct that should cost someone their career. Brown reports:
Sheehan and other grieving families met with Bush about two months after her son died last year, before reports of faulty prewar intelligence surfaced and caused her to become a vocal opponent of the war.

This isn't reporting, it's apologetics. From Hinderaker:
. . . this claim is utterly false. Sheehan has always been a "vocal opponent of the war;" her opposition had nothing to do with "reports of faulty prewar intelligence." By her own account, as we noted here, Sheehan was bitterly opposed to the war before her son Casey re-enlisted in August 2003 . . .

It gets worse from there.

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