Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Regional Pride

I love Beldar and everything, but his regional pride seems a little overweening here:
But I hope that attorney Bicks wasn't just trying to make sure that the NYT spelled his name right for his and his firm's marketing purposes. And I guarantee you that Ms. Lowry and her partners at Fulbright & Jaworski don't need lawyers from New York City, nor the New York Times, to come to Texas to teach them how to try jury cases.

The last time I heard someone vouch so solidly for the genius of regional trail attorneys, it was a lawyer calling in to C-SPAN to lecture me about how John Edwards who, this lawyer insisted, was such a brilliant, Nawhth Car-o-lina trial attorney that he was going to slice and dice Dick Cheney in the VP debate.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there is an excellent blog by a lawyer out of Houston that should be a great resource for the national media (not that they'd read it, of course) during the upcoming Enron trial. Check out this post from last month, one of the best spot-on pieces about that botched prosection that I've seen.