Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Here's a great example of why I love Hugh Hewitt:
The Post's Amy Goldstein called the office again yesterday, seeking an interview about John Roberts. I again offered her as much time as she needed, but conditioned the offer on the interview being conducted on air. She once again cited the desire not to lose control of her story, and the fact that her editors would react negatively to my approach. Fine, I relayed back through Radioblogger, my producer. No harm, no foul. No interview.

Forget the off-angles he's playing with the Post here (which is pretty hysterical), and check out what a happy warrior he is. And here's the thing: That's not schtick. Hugh really is one of the most genial guys you'll ever meet.

If only my New Yorker would get here soon so I could read the Nic Lehmann profile of him. Unlike Hugh's friend, I won't be at all surprised if the piece turns out to be pretty great and very fair.

I'll say it again: The New Yorker is (still) the great magazine of our day.

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