Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hugh Hewitt points us to this James Lileks piece, which is incredibly funny, even by his own standards:
According to the hard left's script, Israel was created when some Europeans (hisssss) invaded the sovereign nation of Palestine, even though we all know the Jewish homeland is somewhere outside Passaic, N.J. Then for no reason Israel invaded the West Bank and Gaza -- which for some reason had not been set up as New Palestine by the Egyptians and the Jordanians, but never mind -- and made everyone stand in line and get frisked. Those who joined the line in '67 are just getting through now. Evil Zionists. . . .

The companies the church wishes to pressure include Caterpillar, which makes bulldozers purchased by the Israelis for the sole purpose of knocking down innocent homes of gentle lamb herders, and Motorola, which among other things sells night-vision goggles that give the Israeli Defense Forces an unfair advantage over people who want to smuggle in bombs to encourage the social-justice dialogue.

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Anonymous said...

That reminds of an interesting and telling story I heard about Noam Chomsky. I think I read it in a New Yorker profile.

Anyway, in 1967 a friend stopped Chomsky to tell him the news that what we now call the Six Days' War had ended.

Before the other person could say anymore, Chomsky purportedly replied, "Please tell me the Israelis lost."