Friday, August 12, 2005

Discrimination at Work

This earnest story about the Denver Fire Department's quest to hire people who reflect the diversity of the area is pretty chilling. Leading this charge--amazingly--is the chief of the Department, Larry Trujillo.

Trujillo recently demanded that the area's Civil Service Commission stop its testing of candidates because he believes that the current regime of testing is racially biased. Also, he wants to do away with the Department's current policy of disqualifying candidates with felony or drug convictions. His reasoning: "It sickens me that they're penalizing people for what they did in their past."

It's an amazing example of the utter and complete victory of the diversity movement in American culture.


Anonymous said...

"Prove that Blacks an [sic] Hispanics are mentally and morally inferior"?

If I'm reading the the above (anonymous) commenter's post correctly, and his underlying master-race assumptions aren't an unfortunate accident, allow me to extend a hearty "Get bent, cracker" to that jackass.

Jakester said...

I don't know, but Asians seem to do better on standardized tests than whites and are less prone to crime. There is also a much bigger cultural gap between them and us vs black and white or hispanic and white. So this Trujillo's brainless parroting of the chic cliche of cultural bias is a crock excuse for losers and failures. Maybe anon's tone was nasty, but he is right on about some cultures: Some cultures seem better at producing criminals and dummies than other, and those cultures should try to improve themselves instead of demanding that everyone else lower their standards to accomodate their shoddiness.