Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hollywood on 9/11

A further indication that Hollywood may not be as in love with terrorism as some would suggest: we now have word that Paul Greengrass is going to direct a film based on Flight 93.

This seems, to me, an incredibly seductive, but risky project. While I hope that Greengrass does well with this picture, the event itself is so big and frought with dramatic tension that it's difficult to imagine a movie which, at this point, could do it justice.

If I were a filmmaker looking to do a 9/11 movie, I might examine this amazing story from USA Today about how the FAA landed 4,500 planes in 4 hours on September 11.

It's not nearly as sexy as Flight 93--in many ways it's a story about the dog who didn't bark. But it's a relatively unknown corner of 9/11, it's packed with its own, very real, tension, and it would allow you to come at an event which is not yet wholly digested at an off-angle.

(Mind you, all of these factors would also argue for the Oliver Stone project about the rescue at Ground Zero--if you had, say David Lynch directing, instead of Stone.)

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arrScott said...

I'd much rather see Hollywood make good fictions about terrorism, the attacks, or the wars than create big-screen docudramas. Leave the story of Flight 93 to the networks to ruin.

Eventually, Hollywood will get around to making boring biopics based on 9/11 and subsequent events. When they get around to casting Ben Kingsley as the title character in Kharzai, it will bore everyone but the critics to tears and sweep the Oscars. In the meantime, let's have some drama.