Thursday, August 18, 2005

Entertainment or News?

TVNewser catched Katie Couric in a small, but telling faux pas. Puffing a guest on the Today Show, Couric introduced Donny Deutsch as being the host of a "highly-rated" CNBC show. I'm sure she didn't mean anything by this--it's like Jay Leno introducing Ben Affleck as a "big star."

But the facts are a little inconvenient. As TVNewswer points out, the previous night Deutsch's show grabbed 54,000 total viewers. That's a pretty low rating, even by garbage cable standards.

If Couric were Jay Leno, no one would care, but isn't Today supposed to be run out of the news, not the entertainment, division?

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Anonymous said...

Entertainment and morning "news" shows are indistinguishable. Anchoress Julie Chen on the CBS Early Show is also the host of CBS's Big Brother. She pimps it almost every morning.