Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lefty-Blogs and Big Papi

A commenter on yesterday's Electoral-Based Community post has a very perceptive point:
The point spread comment is telling in another way: political partisanship has become as fundamentally irrational as rooting for your team in sports. One of the joys of sports rooting is saying "Ortiz stinks!" when clearly as a rational matter he does the opposite of stink. But the localizing of all problems in this country with the rival political party is equivalent to actually believing Ortiz stinks just because he is on the other team. The Dem blogger litmus test which focuses so much on hating the Pres and the Republican party is about as constructive for the country as beginning a sports discussion with a red Sox fan by asseting that Ortiz stinks; it contains not only a false premise, it precludes anything approaching dialogue, compromise or consensus. that's no harm when sports are the issue, but the ascendence of this type of thinking/strategy in politics means that we are in danger of having a society being run by the "face-painters" among us. That's not good for anybody.

Update: It is "Papi," of course, not "Poppy." What am I, John F. Kerry?

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Anonymous said...

JVL, It's Papi, mano. Papi. Senor Octubre, or if you prefer the best clutch hitter int he game right now.