Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Alien Nation

Last Sunday, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne offered his advice to incoming DNC chair Howard Dean. Among the myriad questions to be answered, Dionne passes along a "must-do list" with items such as "Defeating the Bush Social Security Plan" and "Holding fast to the party's commitment to abortion rights and tolerance."

And then there is this: "Understanding the views of NASCAR dads, security moms, country-western music fans, gun owners, Southerners, country people and others who regard the Democrats as the party of overeducated, arrogant, Volvo-driving elitists."

Country people? Why on earth would these folks ever "regard the Democrats as the party of overeducated, arrogant, Volvo-driving elitists"?


Anonymous said...

Watchin' Daytona from the cee-ment pond:

42.38% of the hillbillies in Beverly Hlls, CA voted for Bush. Good country folk.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm just trying to be funny. The thought of EJ Dionne trying to "understand the country folk" is comedy gold (the prep school haircut and lateral lisp ad much to the image). on a serious note, I think that W brings people in agricultural communities a sense of shared values, namely the belief in American exceptionalism and a Christian God. You need look no further than the comments sections on the major liberal blogs to find what Dionne and his ilk really think about Bush voting "country-folk."