Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Piss Bush

Paul Belien has a report from Brussels about the latest Belgian fad: A urinal sticker with a picture of George W. Bush and the American flag and a caption which reads "Go ahead. Piss on me."

It would be one thing if this was some samizdat protest, but the ubiquitous stickers were actually designed by a Laurent Winnnock, a young man who works for Belgium's vice prime minister. Not only that, but Winnock did his designing during office hours--essentially on government time. Maybe I'm naive, but I suspet that even in Howard Dean's DNC, this sort of stunt would get you fired.

Of course America alreayd has its own piss-on-Bush urinal sticker. You can find it for sale at a place called DemocracyMeansYou.com, along with other fun doo-dads (if you want to know what the far left really thinks, look at their bumper stickers), including my personal favorites: WE Are the Rogue State and the amazing Germans supported their troops too. This last sticker features a yellow ribbon with the universal "No" slash layered on top of it.

Mind you, I would never, ever question these people's patriotism.

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