Friday, February 18, 2005

Strange Tales

In his latest book the Pope talks about attempt on his life made by Ali Agca in 1981. This wire story has details. The Pope John Paul II has spent some time with his would-be assassin:
"During their talk, Agca grew interested in the secret of Fatima, the pope wrote.

"And a very curious thing . . . this unrest led him to the issue of religion. He asked how it really is with this Fatima mystery. What is it based on? That was his main point of his interest, this is what he most of all wanted to find out," the pope says.

The pope went on: "Ali Agca--as I believe--understood, that above his power, the power of shooting and killing there is a greater power. He began looking for it. I wish for him that he finds it."

Agca was extradited to Turkey after serving almost 20 years for the shooting and remains imprisoned for other crimes. During John Paul's 10-day hospitalization this month for breathing problems and flu, Agca wished the 84-year-old pontiff well.

It's a strange, wonderful world we live in.

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