Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kinsley-Estrich: No Way Out

The Washington Examiner has already delivered a major contribution to journalism by publishing this astonishing exchange between Michael Kinsley and Susan Estrich.

It's not clear who's the good guy in this fight (or if there is a good guy), but it's awfully satisfying to see what happens when someone refuses to be cowed by Kinsley's smug, hyper-intellectual snootyness.


Anonymous said...

It's the journalistic equivelent of the Iran-Iraq war!

Anonymous said...

The reference by Estrich to Kinsley's disease was a low blow...especially for a tolerant lib like the ostrich! hehe

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate for the "cause" for which she advocates that in her very advocacy she's the perfect model of why she, and those like her (if such sad creatures exist), can't get assignments to write for the newspaper (and that is saying something for Kinsley's paper). Bullying, bombast, ignorance, personal insults, incoherence -- these things don't exactly recommend the purveyor to an editor. Sometimes being a loud, leftist activist just isn't enough, even for Kinsley and the L.A. Times.