Thursday, February 03, 2005

Super Stats

A commenter on the Jaxadelphia thread has an impressive breakdown of what the Eagles can expect from the Pats on offense. Absolutely worth reading. Final verdict: The Pats are very, very good and normally have a great start in the first 15 plays. But if you can stay with them early, take advantage of their tendency to slouch in the second quarter, and blitz Brady in 3rd and long situations, they're mortal.

Just asking: Didn't we hear all this dynasty talk a few years ago when the Rams were about to cement their claim to being one of the all-time great teams? Anyone remember how that turned out?


Cartoon Nazi said...

Dream on, my friend :0)

Anonymous said...

As a Pats fan I do believe it's too early for all this dynasty talk, even if they win Sunday. That said, I don't recall that the dynasty talk related to the Rams a few years ago was at this level. They had only won one Super Bowl -- barely -- after squeaking by Tampa Bay in the NFC championship. I think what drove the talk leading up to the Rams/Pats Super Bowl was as much the underestimation of New England as it was the Rams juggernaut.

To answer your question with a question, regardless of the level of "dynasty" talk at the time, does anyone remember who the team was that ended that Rams "dynasty" talk? And another question: remember what happened a few weeks ago to that Colts team that was considered unstoppable, and who the team was that stopped it?

- Galley Friend P.C.

Anonymous said...

I'm two hours away from my bandwagon evil alliance of Eagles and Pats fans making the 3 hours drive to Jaxadelphia. Based on everything I've read the traffic and city will be a disaster. I find solace in knowing that come Sunday night while one Dynasty is crushed before it is born, another will be in it's infancy. Eagles 28 Pats 27

Fly Eagles Fly

With this victory and Mayor Street's impending federal jail sentance this city will rise again.

Pat said...

I caught this from watching the AFC Championship Game, but if you watch where Dillon (or the deep running back) sets up, you can predict the play. Seven yards back or more, the Pats are running, anything under that and it's a pass. I called every play of the second half; it was almost as if they were saying "Here's what we're doing and you don't have a chance of stopping it."

Hei Lun said...

their tendency to slouch in the second quarterUm, the Patriots led the league in 2nd quarter scoring.

As for the dynasty talk, the biggest difference is that the last time, it was the Rams players who were talking about dynasty (famously captured in the beginning of the NFL film of the game in which a Rams player said, "tonight, a dynasty is born.") This time, it's the media doing the talking, while none of the Patriots players would even entertain the thought publicly.

Rock Throwing Peasant said...

What I said is their offense shows a tendency to drop off, production wise after the first ten plays (or so). I later stated "the second quarter is the time for the Eagles D to strike and force three and outs," figuring the first ten plays would safely end in the first quarter and the dropoff shown could likely materialize in the second quarter.

During the first two offensive series, the Patriots gained 35 yards. For the next two offensive series, the Patriots gained 2 total yards.

As I stated in my piece, my points are general observations and not meant to be Gospel. However, I think I am vindicated to some extent.

Of course, I'd swap a "dead wrong" for an Eagles SB win.