Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Let the Eagles Soar IV

Overheard this morning on ESPN radio: Jon Runyan, the Eagles standout tackle, was asked what the weirdest part of media day was. His answer (this is not an exact quote): Having to explain the game of football to National Public Radio.

How could you root against them?


Anonymous said...

Fly Eagles Fly. The Birds are only an underdog in the eyes of the uninitiated. If you match up the Eagles to the Pats I can't see one area where we are deficient. The media and Vegas are victims of group think.
MY official prediction, Eagles 28-Pats27, Birds win on a David "Green Akers" FG.

Anonymous said...

umm...I can think of area were the Eagles don't match up. Belichek vs. Reid.

I hate the pats, but Belichek is a witch. The Eagles lose big.

Pat said...

I took the Eagles in the pool, but that was mostly an "Everybody else is taking the Patriots" bit of contrarianism. And no offense to the posters here, but one of the things I absolutely despise about the media is the way they can manage to turn an interview into something about themselves, as in the question asked of Runyan. "What's the weirdest part of media day?" is a classic example of this "look at me too-ism".

Anonymous said...

Ya know I honestly believe that if Big Red (Reid) weren't fat he would be considered one of football's "geniuses" like Billy B. I think you guys are all gonna be surprised. Big Red is 9-0 when having 2 weeks to prepare for a game over the last 6 years.

Eagles 28 Pats 27 Dynasty crushed.