Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Self Parody

Galley Wife S.L. sends along this roomate-wanted ad from her alma mater's alum site:
Available *now*, looking for non-smoking roommate to sign 1 year lease. Must fill by March 1st. . . .

I'm a 26 year old non-smoking, non-drug using queer Asian woman looking for the same in terms of habits and sensibilities. I am not heteronormative, do not go to happy hours, have not milked my Smith degree for all it'$ got, and my friends are the kind of people who get stared at on the subway and roughed up by police (generally at protests). I look very respectable and am very easy to live with. I spend a lot of free time volunteering, on the computer, and socializing.

I am trans and vegan friendly. I prefer living with other queer women of color, radical activists, community workers, artists, music nerds, and *happy people* in general. But being an educated person and going through 4 years of liberalisation at Smith, I'm equal opportunity. Which means everyone but straight men and smokers should answer this post and let me know why they want to move here and when.

Thanks and have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Love it. "Easy to live with," "educated," and "equal opportunity." Unless of course you're a man. Or worse, a smoker. But she welcomes "happy people." Does being a happy person trump being a smoker?

And what's with the friends and the roughing up by police? I want to hear about the water pressure in the shower, whether there are ants, whether there is parking...who cares whether she spends her free time being "an activist?"

Anonymous said...

Bet she's like Portia de Rossi's character on "Arrested Development," but unattractive. Occupation: "Activist." Favorite "radical activist" moment is when she's gorging on hors d'oeurves at her "Stop the Hunger" fundraiser. When asked who she's raising funds for, she replies,

"Um, I forget their name but I know they’re hungry. I think some are thirsty."

Thanks and have a nice day!