Friday, February 04, 2005

Let the Eagles Soar VI: Sadism at Soxblog

One of the fun things that happen when you root, pine, and pray for a championship underdog is that all sorts of people try to scam you. For example, the Galley Father-in-Law, who is as awesome as the day is long, called the other night looking to make a Super Bowl wager. He's a long-suffering Jets fan and has no love of the Patriots, but thought he could put one over on me. As we all know, that's not hard: He succeeded. We've bet dinner on the game and I'm not even getting any points.

Enter the esteemed Soxblog, who know wants to wager a New England clambake against a weekend of indentured servitude. Will I be suckered again?

The short answer is, No. Do I believe in the Eagles? Yes. Do I think they have a good chance to win? You bet. Am I about to prance around Soxblog's Song of the South-style manor in a Jaws jersey and be his manservant. Fuggedaboudit.

I would like to know, however, what cockle of Soxblog's dark heart pushes him to tempt a poor, downtrodden Philly fan in his time of need. Aren't Boston's dozen or so NBA championships enough? How about the recent Super Bowl victories? Or the new Beantown World Series trophy? Why, amidst this embarrassment of riches must he taunt a simple South Jersey boy?

The only explanation I can think of is that as a youngun', some bullying Yankee fan goaded the Soxblog into wagering his prized Yaz rookie card on the '86 World Series. Scarred by that ill treatment, the victim now becomes the perp. It happens. I saw it on Law & Order: SVU.

So I say to Soxblog: No thanks. You keep your clams. I'll keep what's left of my dignity. And with luck, some special teams magic, and an early pass-rush, hopefully the Eagles can make a miracle happen.


Anonymous said...

Buder says...

Dont feel bad. I have a bet with my Pats friend that the loser has to get a small tattoo of the other team's logo. Pat the Patriot ain't gonna be inked on me.

Eagles 28, Pats 27.

Fly Eagles Fly

Unknown said...

>>Why, amidst this embarrassment of riches must he taunt a simple South Jersey boy?<<

Don't know about Soxblog, Jonathan, but those last four words would be reason enough for me!

Anonymous said...

It won't require a miracle for the Eagles to beat the Patriots, Mr. Last. The two teams are actually pretty closely matched and the game should be a good one, despite what the prevailing conventional "wisdom" seems to indicate. I would think that you would understand that the mind-numbing hackery that is sports media is part and parcel of the Legacy Media phenomenon and thus exceedingly error-prone.

Hei Lun said...

Has a team ever made it to the Super Bowl with a worse set of wide receivers than the Eagles?

And given that the Patriots have scored 20 or more points in 17 of 18 games this year, I doubt the Eagles can hold the them to 10.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is it just me or does the Patriot logo look like John Kerry in profile? I tell ya, it's a conspiracy.

Unfortunately, it's NE-Phi 35-10. Klug