Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Petite Powerhouse

Of the three best weekly reads in America, one is the New Yorker, for which my fondness knows no bounds. Another is the New York Observer, which this week carries a fascinating George Gurley article on Dawn Eden.

Eden used to work at the New York Post, where she edited and wrote--brilliantly--headlines. Then she was sacked for a journalistic error by the man who declared that Dick Gephardt was John Kerry's running mate on the front page of the Post.

I met Eden once and will always be grateful for a bit of advice she gave me. I was working on a piece about Hollywood and wanted, badly, to interview one of my writing idols, a man whom I was terrified of calling. I mentioned this to her in casual conversation and she, having just met me, became very serious and insisted that if I didn't reach out to him I would regret it for the rest of my life. The next day I called him, we spoke for a long while, and we're now acquaintances. I thank her for giving me that push.

Today Dawn has a wonderful blog, the Dawn Patrol, which I hope you'll visit often. And I hope she finds much post-Post success.

(Also, read the Gurley profile, it's fantastic.)

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jwb said...

A recent post on Dawn Patrol takes the gay community to task over their efforts to reduce the spread of HIV by tackling methamphetamine use, which is seen as a large reason for a recent increase in the practice of unprotected sex.

I'm confused. Do you think her post on the issue of curbing methamphetamine use is right on point or do you just like her blog in general. Her analysis on that issue doesn't seem to dovetail with GalleySlaves usual position on the subject.

Lions & Tigers & Gays, Oh My!

For my full response to her cursory analysis, check out