Monday, February 28, 2005

Bubble Trouble

"In my home! Where my wife sleeps! Where my children play with their toys." That was the outrage I felt while at the MCI Center watching Georgetown get spanked by Villanova, 67-56. Similar to their previous losses, the Hoyas failed to show up in the first half, managing to score only 2 points in the first 8 minutes of the game. The second half, in contrast, showed much improvement, with Georgetown cutting a 12-point deficit in half. But that would be as close as they got as stars Brandon Bowman, Ashanti Cook, and Jeff Green all found themselves in foul trouble. Meanwhile, Wildcats Allan Ray and Curtis Sumpter scored a combined 29 points. Villanova has never lost at MCI Center.

It becomes ever more apparent at these "home" games that Georgetown is in need of a real on-campus facility. A very large Villanova contingent made itself heard throughout the game, making you wonder where exactly the game was being played. During the singing of the National Anthem, a man in the Villanova section angrily shouted out, "1985!" And when it became a forgone conclusion that 'Nova would win, their supporters taunted, "NIT! NIT!"

It was insult heaped upon injury on a depressing Sunday afternoon. And now there are two games left--at Connecticut and at home against Providence. Then the Big East Tournament. When the game finally ended, another fan yelled out, "You better be ready on Wednesday! [against UConn]" I hope they heard him.

P.S. Talk about speaking too soon--in the midst of a three-game losing streak, The Washington Post Magazine's cover story just happens to be about the new coach.

P.S.S. Special shout-outs to Galley readers Jeff and Pete, both of whom I saw at the game. And yes, guys, I know you really wish you went to Georgetown after getting a look at our robust cheerleaders.

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