Friday, February 18, 2005

I've been out of the loop for a while, but didn't Andrew Sullivan promise he was going to stop blogging? In a post from yesterday, Sullivan tells us that he's a libertarian in favor legalized recreational drug use "and what consenting adults do in private," but he "draws the line" at the use of crystal meth.

Why is that? Because crystal meth is particularly harmful to people with HIV. In other words, Sullivan's political convictions are written in stone until they bump up against an issue he personally cares about.

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Anonymous said...

Dat Dude (Sullivan) did say he would post from time to time, and the HIV/Drug issue is one he is quite familiar with. What strikes me as odd is his inability to see how free use of "harmless" drugs eventually leads to use of hard-core drugs like crystal meth. Someone is probably far less likely to try meth if he is sober or if he's never tried an illicit drug. From what I've read, Sullivan is a fan of Ecstacy. If someone is rolling on E how are they supposed to make an intelligent decision to turn down a bump of meth? Then again, nobody ever accused Sullivan of consistency.