Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How much for just one rib?

It was bad enough that Redskins fans were turned back from FedEx Field because they came on foot rather than pay for a shuttle bus. It was bad enough that some of the fans were given "upgrades" and discovered their new view was mostly obstructed by a wall. It's bad enough fans cannot pay for individual tickets but have to purchase an entire season's worth. But adding even more insult to injury was the recently announced policy that in the near future, Redskins fans can only purchase their tickets using the official Redskins Extra Points MasterCard (and not no other MasterCard, let alone Visa or American Express). All for a team that went 6-10 last season.

But today the Redskins announced they have reversed their decision and fans can now purchase their tickets using any MasterCard. (But what about those of us, including myself, who don't even own a MasterCard to begin with?) For owner Daniel Snyder (who Tony Kornheiser once described as the love child of Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner), this is a battle lost, not the war. Perhaps next season he should offer tickets in return for first-born sons.


Duane said...

"How about you just pour it in my hands for a dime?"

Makes you long for the days of Jack Kent Cooke doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Snider is a fascinating personality. How a guy can plop down a $15 million dollar signing bonus for an over 30 quarterback (and a washed up defensive end, and middle linebacker with a degenerative knee condition, and a....) but still charge people $10 a pop to see training camp is beyond me. He's cheep and extravagant. A greed hound and profligate spender. Weird.

God help us if he ever wins a super bowl, then every owner in the league will copycat.

Blogmaster General said...

On the other hand, this gives the free market a chance to work: middlemen can resell Skins tickets at market price, so fewer people need to get the Skins' (or any) MasterCard.