Wednesday, February 23, 2005

editor's notes

The fall issue of Doublethink is finally online. We're experimenting with a staggered Internet release of articles to strengthen our so-far modest efforts to sell at newsstands.

One thing I try to do in this little magazine is to get young writers to do the kind of reporting that involves talking to strangers and getting them to tell you things. Sounds elementary, I know, but it can make a writer who knows one or two things seem to know many things. Heather Wilhelm was the most intrepid in this regard, going undercover as an anti-Bush protester. In a different, more policy-oriented vain, Brooke Oberwetter also turned out a fine piece, on Social Security, an article written from and about the point of view of twentysomethings. I had only had to give these two bright writers a few pointers and they were off to the races. If only all articles came out so easily.

Lest I seem indifferent to the issue's other offerings: Peter Brownfield interviewed several moderate American Muslims to talk about Islam's anti-American problem; Tim Marchman kicked out a mean little essay on Luc Sante; and Doublethink's go-to writer Shawn Macomber (he of Amspec and such) did a really fine piece about Greg Allen, blogger, filmmaker, businessman, art guy.

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